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Best Robotic Hernia Surgeon in Mumbai

Best Robotic Hernia Surgeon in Mumbai

The best robotic hernia surgeon in Mumbai An automated medical procedure is perhaps the best and least obtrusive choice we offer our hernia patients. As a matter of fact, we’re ready to do even enormous hernia fixes with mechanical methods, which benefit patients with more modest “keyhole” entry points and less agony during recuperation than conventional open medical procedures.

A hernia happens when an interior organ pushes through the muscle or tissue that holds it set up. Hernias can happen in the midsection, crotch, thigh, paunch button, upper stomach or in past careful entry point destinations. At the point when a hernia closes off blood supply to an organ or slows down its capability, it can cause side effects, for example,

Fever, queasiness or regurgitating

Impedance with everyday exercises or exercise

Torment at the site

Most patients with hernias need standard observing to guarantee they don’t deteriorate, and a need a medical procedure to fix the debilitated tissue. On the off chance that you truly do require a medical procedure, an insignificantly intrusive or mechanical medical procedure is a protected, compelling choice for some patients. All things considered, it’s vital to see every one of your choices before you and your primary care physician conclude what kind of hernia fix a medical procedure is best for you.

Kinds of hernia fix a medical procedure

Customary open a medical procedure

This strategy includes an enormous cut stretching out past the size of the hernia. Open a medical procedure is expected for exceptionally huge hernias since we genuinely move the stomach wall muscles to get to the hernia, and afterwards cover the hole with a manufactured lattice to support or reinforce that maintenance and the stomach wall. A few patients with serious heart issues or who have a ton of scar tissue from numerous stomach medical procedures can have opened a medical procedure and may not be a possibility for insignificantly obtrusive choices.

Since the entry point is bigger with an open medical procedure than with a negligibly intrusive medical procedure, the gamble of contamination is higher. Patients likewise will have a more drawn-out recuperation and longer emergency clinic stay after a medical procedure.

Laparoscopic medical procedure

Rather than one enormous cut, laparoscopic, or negligibly intrusive hernia fix utilizes different keyhole entry points, which are small entry points around the hernia. The 5 mm to 8 mm entry points permit the specialist to embed a little telescope connected to a camera, called a laparoscope, and scaled-down careful instruments to fix the debilitated tissue and supplement the cross-section support.

More modest cuts bring about lower disease risk, fewer inconveniences and less agony than customary open medical procedures.

Automated laparoscopic medical procedure

A mechanical laparoscopic medical procedure is a negligibly obtrusive strategy in which the specialist controls mechanical arms with instruments at a control centre rather than physically embedding small instruments inside the body. The manner in which the specialist moves their hands shows the way the mechanical “hands” move, giving the specialist more prominent accuracy and scope of movement than during customary or laparoscopic medical procedures. During the laparoscopic or mechanical fix, we use keyhole entry points around the hernia, and a lattice support fix is placed from behind the stomach wall. In an open medical procedure, the fix is put over the opening external to the stomach wall.

Best Robotic Hernia Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr  Manoj Jain is a Consultant, General surgeon whose expertise lies in gastrointestinal, laparoscopic, bariatric, metabolic, and robotic surgeries.

With over 19 years of experience, he has performed more than 7,000 laparoscopic surgeries and is committed to changing and saving lives, and has a special interest in bariatric and metabolic surgery.

His areas of expertise include Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery, Laparoscopic Gall bladder and Appendix surgery, Laparoscopic Obesity and Metabolic Surgery, Robotic surgery, and Laparoscopic gastrointestinal and colorectal surgery.

Dr  Manoj Jain is also a teaching faculty in laparoscopic surgery at the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Institute. He was the Honorary Associate Professor and Head of the Unit at KB Bhabha Hospital, Bandra. He is the Founder of the Centre for Advanced Laparoscopy & Obesity Surgery (CALOS) and continues to train many general surgeons

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